The Lost Twins Experiment

When I was a small child I got lost at a store with lots of aisles. I remember being very scared that my mom would never find me. I walked from aisle to aisle on the verge of tears hoping to run into her. Eventually, to my great fortune, I did.

However, it occurs to me that had my mom and I started looking for each other at opposite ends of the store, our paths inside the store been constantly reflected over the center of the store, or had it been a store with an odd number of evenly-spaced aisles…

Source: Thinkspot

Here’s a bold claim: there is a physical part inside your body that is responsible for making you conscious. I can demonstrate this with a simple mathematical argument despite the fact that I know next to nothing about what consciousness really is.

I don’t want to waste your time with a brand new definition of what it means to be conscious because, frankly, I don’t have a new definition.

If you, dear reader, have clicked on this article with a preconceived religious or philosophical notion of consciousness, then I will ask you to hold on to it. …

A fundamental distinction that was never made

“The Story You Don’t Know” by Haenuli

Why do we fear death? Why do most of us consider dying a negative experience when there’s nobody alive to tell us how being dead feels?

In his book Death: Philosophical Soundings, Philosopher Herbert Fingaratte argued that fearing one’s own death was irrational:

“When you die there is nothing. Why should we fear the absence of being when we won’t be there ourselves to suffer it?”

This raises an interesting question. How and when in our development do humans decide that living is good, while dying is bad? Sure, our brains come with a pre-installed instinct of self preservation. It…

Anton Shakov

Math student with an interest in philosophy and history

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